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Registration / Enrollment for a Master Class

If you wish to enroll in any Master Class, we would appreciate it if you follow the instructions below:


1.- The first thing is to identify the amount to pay:


a) For this Master Class the cost is:


     - USD $75.00 for participant.


b) But, if you register for the first topic´s Master Class only on this month of September of 2023., the price will be:

      - USD $30.00 for participant. 


2.- Payment coverage. Payments can be made through the following means and mechanisms:


a) The PayPal System, through the link:



*This is a very practical and simple scheme. In order to use it, you should register as a user (highly recommended).


Or if you wish, notify us of your intention to register via email: gestecsc@gmail.com, and we will send you a personalized Paypal payment format.

b) By bank transfer or deposit at Banco BBVA in Mexico City, to account No. 6423354459, with interbank code (CLABE): 021330064233544594, in the name of Ernesto Palomares Hilton.

SWIFT CodeBIMEMXMMXXX for cases of international deposits.

3.- Once the payment has been made, send the following information for registration, along with a copy of your payment receipt, to the email: gestecsc@gmail.com.

  - Name of the participating person(s), as it would appear on the Certificate:

  - Participant email an telephone number:

  - Topic Master Class to which you are enrolling:

  - Scheduled date:

4.- We will shortly acknowledge receipt, and at the time we will send you the links for the Master Class, as well as the corresponding information to  your email account, so we ask you to be aware of said information.

5.- Registration must be made at least five days before the start of the chosen Master Class.

We work with passion for you to learn.